Quality Janitorial Services for Fitness Centres and Gyms in Canada

Clean surfaces and a sparkling appearance are vital for a successful fitness centre.

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Gyms and fitness centres are focused on health, and your customers expect to exercise in a clean, disinfected space. Vanguard Cleaning Systems® janitorial franchise businesses provide highly professional commercial cleaning services for gyms, fitness centres, and health clubs.

You can count on a locally owned and operated Vanguard® janitorial franchise business to clean every surface, from the front desk and the office to locker rooms, equipment rooms, and bathrooms. A detailed, custom plan for cleaning and disinfection services may be developed to ensure that every surface and unique need of your fitness centre is addressed with the utmost care. With the support of a Vanguard® independent janitorial franchise business, you can make a positive impression on prospective members and keep your long-term customers happy.

Why choose a Vanguard® janitorial franchise business to clean your fitness centre in Canada?

Vanguard® independent janitorial franchise businesses in Canada strive to provide professional fitness centre cleaning and disinfection services that meet your unique expectations. Janitorial services may include:

High-touch point disinfection

Fitness centres and gyms in Canada experience high foot traffic. Many hands touch fitness equipment, door handles, and locker room surfaces throughout the day. A Vanguard® independent janitorial franchise business can offer high-touch point disinfection services to help minimize the spread of bacteria throughout your facility.

Customized gym cleaning schedules

A locally owned and operated Vanguard® janitorial franchise business here in Canada will work with you to tailor a custom cleaning and disinfection plan that works with your facility’s schedule. Commercial cleaning services may be scheduled daily or every few days, and at different times throughout the day or night. Day porter services are also available for cleaning throughout the day.

Green cleaning​ options

Not all cleaning products or procedures are created equal. There are many benefits of choosing green cleaning over standard methods and products, including environmental protection, conservation, and human health. Ask your local Vanguard® janitorial franchise business owner about whether green cleaning is right for your facility.

clean fitness center with treadmills and stationary bikes

Gym & Fitness Centre Cleaning Services in Canada

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clean fitness center with treadmills and stationary bikes

Contact your locally owned Vanguard® area franchise office in Canada to schedule a free fitness centre cleaning assessment for your gym or health club.


The value of janitorial services for gyms and fitness centres.

There are several key benefits to working with a professional commercial cleaning services provider in Canada to meet the unique needs of your gym, health club, or fitness centre.

Employee health.

Your employees, from front desk staff to personal trainers, come into contact with many, many people every single day. Comprehensive commercial cleaning services may help protect your staff from germs and keep them healthy.

Minimize unpleasant odors.

Without proper care, gym locker rooms and bathrooms are vulnerable to unpleasant odors. A Vanguard® independent janitorial franchise business can keep these spaces clean and smelling fresh, much to the appreciation of your customers and your staff.

High-touch surfaces.

Many gyms require their customers to wipe down surfaces, such as treadmills and weights, after every use. But it can be challenging to enforce such a rule. With so many people touching these surfaces every single day, bacteria may spread easily. A locally owned and operated Vanguard® janitorial franchise business can develop and execute a custom cleaning plan to ensure that surfaces are wiped down on a regular basis.

Great first impression.

Many gyms and health clubs rely on facility tours to convert visitors into new members. With a Vanguard® janitorial franchise business handling the cleaning, you do not have to worry constantly about how your space looks before showing someone around. You can trust your local Vanguard® janitorial franchise business owner to help ensure that your facility sparkles.

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The Vanguard Cleaning Systems® organization of independent franchise businesses is built on a history of trust, integrity, execution, and quality that few can match.

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