About the Vanguard Cleaning Systems® Brand​

Built on trust, integrity, execution, and quality that few can match.

Vanguard Franchise Adviser with two women in meeting

Who We Are

Vanguard Franchise Adviser with two women in meeting

Founded in 1984, the Vanguard Cleaning Systems® organization is built upon over 3,000 independently owned and operated franchise janitorial businesses, which are licensed and supported by a Master Franchise network of over 50 independent regional offices throughout Canada and the United States.

Vanguard® franchise janitorial businesses service more than 18,000 customers in a variety of facilities including general office spaces, healthcare, educational institutions, industrial and manufacturing.

The Vanguard® Organization


Independently owned Master Franchise regional offices​ in Canada and the United States.


Independently owned and operated janitorial franchise businesses.


​Commercial cleaning accounts throughout Canada and the United States.

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Mission Statement

The Vanguard® Mission​

janitorial services for offices

Vanguard Cleaning Systems, Inc. is dedicated to supporting Vanguard® Master Franchisees in their efforts to be the preeminent franchising organization in their marketplace.

Vanguard® Master Franchisees strive to provide meaningful support to their franchised Vanguard® janitorial businesses, which are committed to delivering high-quality commercial cleaning services to each company they serve.


Consistently Ranked as One of the Best

The Vanguard Cleaning Systems® organization has consistently been ranked among the top franchise brands. The Vanguard® Janitorial Franchise opportunity has been cited as an excellent business endeavour.

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The Standard Of Clean®


The Standard of Clean® performance reflects a commitment to cleaning service excellence. Cleaning service standards that meet your expectations.

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