Standard of Clean® Video Description - Canada

On-Screen Visual DescriptionAudio Description
ON SCREEN: [Vanguard Cleaning Systems® logo over white background with building design.]Welcome. The Vanguard Cleaning Systems® franchise organization promotes
ON SCREEN: [Logo disappears, and title appears at top saying 5 Service Standards]five service standards.
ON SCREEN: [The word effective appears as a bullet point]They are effective.
ON SCREEN: [The word proven appears as a bullet point]They are proven
ON SCREEN: [The words excellent results appear as a bullet point]And they ensure excellent results.
ON SCREEN: [New slide title: service standard 1 with bullet point dedicated account liaison]Service Standard 1: Dedicated Account Liaison
ON SCREEN: [Image of a woman shaking a man’s hand appears below the bullet point]Each customer has a dedicated account liaison who ensures that needs are heard.
ON SCREEN: [New slide title: service standard 2 with bullet point highly informed and motivated service providers with a picture underneath of a man with a smile across the table from a man and woman]Service Standard 2: Highly informed and motivated service providers. Vanguard® franchise janitorial businesses strive to not just meet expectations, but to surpass them. As independently owned and operated businesses, they have a vested interest in customer satisfaction, and in delivering quality results.
ON SCREEN: [New slide title: service standard 3 with bullet point advanced cleaning technologies with a photo of various chemicals and microfiber cloths displayed on a table]Service Standard 3: Advanced Cleaning Technologies. Not all cleaning supplies and products are created equal. Vanguard® franchise owners have ongoing access to information about the latest cleaning products, ecofriendly equipment, and advanced approaches to cleaning based on your type of facility.
ON SCREEN: [New slide title: service standard 4 with bullet point diverse and specialized capabilities with two images below, one of a man dusting the top of a cubicle, the other a woman dusting a cabinet.]Service Standard 4: Diverse and Specialized Capabilities. Vanguard® janitorial businesses
ON SCREEN: [Image changes to close up of man moping a marble floor, then woman dusting a desk, the other image changes to a person sitting in a cubicle at the end of a hallway, then images change to a man vacuuming an office hallway and an image of elementary school kids sitting in a stairwell]address the unique demands of your organization. Whether it’s a doctor’s office, multi-tenant building, school, or other facility, a customized service plan will be tailored to your changing janitorial needs.
ON SCREEN: [New slide title: service standard 5 with bullet point results with image underneath of a floor scrubber machine]Service Standard 5: What really sets the Vanguard® franchise commercial cleaning businesses apart is results.
ON SCREEN: [Image of Vanguard Cleaning Systems’ Mission Statement. It reads: The Vanguard Cleaning Systems® franchise organization is dedicated to developing and supporting franchised businesses that provide quality commercial cleaning services. Vanguard® Master Franchisees are committed to having the leading franchise organization in each of their marketplaces.]Simply put, they do what they say they will do.
ON SCREEN: [Image of two men sitting down shaking hands across a desk]A commitment to cleaning excellence.
ON SCREEN: [Titles and images disappear with the vanguard® logo in their place. The url types out below it.]Contact your local independently owned regional Vanguard Cleaning Systems® Master Franchise office to set up a complimentary consultation.
ON SCREEN: [New words appear between the logo and the url: The Standard of Clean®]Vanguard Cleaning Systems®. The Standard of Clean®.
ON SCREEN: [Below the url in smaller font is the following language: This video was produced by Vanguard Cleaning Systems, Inc. for exclusive use by its Master Franchisees or individual Vanguard Cleaning Systems® Unit Franchisees in marketing commercial cleaning services. Each Vanguard Cleaning Systems® business is an independently owned and operated franchise. Copyright 2019 Vanguard Cleaning Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. ® and tm trademarks owned by Vanguard Cleaning Systems, Inc.]