How to Ease the Hiring Headache at Schools

Many schools throughout Canada are struggling to hire qualified professionals these days. The teacher shortage has been an ongoing challenge since the COVID-19 pandemic, and other positions have also become difficult to fill—including custodial roles. Just before the 2022 school year began, fifty percent of public schools reported feeling understaffed in custodial positions.

Hiring custodial staff for a school can be incredibly challenging, for several reasons:

  • The hours are unusual, since many school custodians work second shift. Not all eligible workers are willing to accommodate those hours.
  • Your cleaning needs change throughout the year. More intensive cleaning is needed while school is in session, while cleaning can be less frequent during summer programming. The irregularity of a school custodian’s schedule can be challenging for some candidates.
  • Your custodial team member may get sick. You do not have the option to simply postpone the work while they recover. Waste bins need to be emptied, classrooms and restrooms need to be cleaned, paper products restocked, and surfaces need to be disinfected. Finding a person to handle that workload at the last minute can be stressful and difficult.

Without a pool of qualified candidates to hire from, or the capacity for active recruitment, many schools in Canada may be desperate for a solution. One excellent option to consider is to outsource school custodial work to a professional commercial cleaning company.

A commercial cleaning company can provide their own team of experienced cleaning professionals, saving you from having to recruit and hire a team yourself. In the event that someone does call off due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances, the commercial cleaning company will take responsibility to find a replacement.

A commercial cleaning company will also work with you directly to design a custodial plan and schedule that meets the needs of your educational facility. This may include:

  • Adjusting the schedule throughout the school year to accommodate the different needs of holidays and school breaks.
  • Adding electrostatic and high touch point disinfection services year-round or during cold and flu season, which may help to prevent the spread of germs between students and staff alike.
  • Scheduling specialty services, such as commercial-grade window washing and commercial floor cleaning, during breaks and holidays to minimize disruption to students.

Another benefit of contracting a commercial cleaning company for school custodial services is financial. A commercial cleaning company can customize a cleaning plan for you based on your school’s budget. You can work together to outline the exact services you need and ensure your priorities are addressed while staying true to school finances.

If you are interested in outsourcing the janitorial services for your school, consider a Vanguard® independent janitorial franchise business. Your local Vanguard Cleaning Systems® area franchise office may connect you with a Vanguard® independent janitorial franchise business with specific experience cleaning schools and educational facilities.

Learn more about commercial cleaning services for school environments, or request a complimentary consultation.

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