Does Your Canada Facility Need Day Porter Services?

Which Facilities in Canada Need Day Porter Cleaning Services?

If you have worked with a commercial cleaning company in Canada in the past, you may have heard the term “day porter.” But you may not be entirely sure what day porter services are all about.

Day porter services are commercial cleaning services performed discreetly during business hours, often to supplement cleaning services that happen after hours. The specifics vary depending on the needs of the business, but most day porters have a few key characteristics in common.

What does a day porter do?

Many commercial cleaning professionals do their work after hours, perhaps when a workplace or facility is closed. But some businesses and facilities experience such high foot traffic during working hours that after-hours cleaning sessions simply are not enough. The solution for these workplaces is usually a day porter.

A day porter is a cleaning professional who provides services throughout the day, during a business’s working hours. They may wipe down high-touch surfaces, such as elevator buttons, door handles, and hand railings; spot-clean floors and windows; empty waste bins; and restock paper products in restrooms. The day porter’s tasks and the frequency of cleaning throughout the day can be customized based on the needs of the facility.

Benefits of Day Porters

There are several key benefits to investing in day porter services. If a spill or other hazard occurs, a day porter can tend to it much faster than an overnight cleaning crew. And if your facility runs out of paper towels or soap in the middle of the day, a day porter can replenish those supplies right away. By reducing the time between cleanings, a day porter can provide a more consistently clean facility.

A day porter may also help minimize the presence of germs and bacteria by providing disinfection services throughout the day. This may include high-touch point disinfection of countertops, door handles, light switches, coffee makers, and other surfaces that come into contact with many hands.

Facilities that may need Day Porter Services

Not all facilities, businesses, and work environments experience enough foot traffic throughout a given day to require day porter services. But some facilities, due to the nature of their business, can truly benefit from the frequent service. These may include:

These and other businesses welcome many customers, clients, patients, and tenants throughout the day and place a high priority on making a positive impression. Day porter services can support that goal by tending to the areas and surfaces that customers may notice first and making sure that they look their best throughout the day.

A locally owned and operated Vanguard Cleaning Systems® janitorial franchise business in British Columbia, Calgary, Edmonton, and Toronto may offer commercial day porter services for your high-traffic facility in Canada. A Vanguard® independent janitorial franchise business can work with you to develop a commercial cleaning plan and schedule that suits the unique needs and operating hours of your business, so you can trust that someone is always making sure your spaces look professional.

To learn more about day porter and other commercial cleaning services provided by your local Vanguard® janitorial franchise business, request a complimentary consultation for a customized quote.

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