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Covid-19 / 09/14/2020

Deep Cleaning Businesses in Canada

The level of cleanliness in a work environment is being taken much more seriously now. Read how the 2020 Pandemic has affected deep cleaning businesses in Canada.

/ 06/11/2020

Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting - What's The Difference?

Canadian business owners want to help maintain the health of employees and customers in the time of COVID-19. Learn what cleaning and disinfecting options might be considered to...

Covid-19 / 05/12/2020

Canada Healthier Workplace Cleaning

What are some processes to consider in order to help prevent Coronavirus in your Canadian workplace?

Covid-19 / 03/26/2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Canada - Frequently Asked Questions

The following is some basic information to help Canadian Businesses during the Coronavirus- COVID-19 pandemic.