Deep Cleaning Businesses in Canada

Deep Cleaning Business Facilities in Canada.

Practically every organization in Canada has been impacted by the 2020 Pandemic and businesses that see high foot traffic are faced with the question; is my premises clean enough and have I addressed the Coronavirus well enough to bring workers and customers back to my establishment?

According to the ISSA—Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association, 66% of consumers ranked frequent cleaning and sanitizing as the top measure that would make them more likely or more comfortable with visiting physical spaces.1

This leaves Canadian business owners, and managers of a facility, seeking additional methods to not only clean their business environment, but reduce contagions within the workplace to help safeguard employees and others who visit the business. Enter the increase in demand for a “deeper clean” in most every industry’s setting – general office settings, schools, and warehouses.

Before COVID-19, cleaning a business environment typically focused on; dusting, mopping, vacuuming, and trash removal. This is no longer the case. The level of cleanliness and health considerations in a work environment are being taken much more seriously now.

If you own a business in Canada, are the superintendent of a Canadian school, or an administrator of a medical facility, shared work spaces and common areas present many opportunities for disease transmission. Frequently touched surfaces like copy machines, elevator buttons, and coffee pot handles can present a potential risk for disease transmission, and the list of touch points can vary from business to business.

Health Canada, WHO, and Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) have all documented suggestions on how to mitigate COVID-19 transmission in various work environments. Among the recommendations, deeper cleaning and disinfecting.

This means that many employers are looking for additional services to help them provide a workplace that is both clean and disinfected to help reduce pathogens.

High-touch Point Disinfection and Electrostatic Spraying services can be vital janitorial solutions available from an independently owned Vanguard® janitorial franchise business here in Canada, and such services can provide the answer to higher demands for a deeper clean of your facility.

Contact an independently owned Vanguard® Area Franchise office to learn more about High-touch Point Disinfection and other available services.


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