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School Cleaning

How Might A Janitorial Company Support Your School in Canada?

Schools in Canada might benefit from professional janitorial services that support your in-house custodial team. Here are 4 ways to ally with your cleaning vendor.

Green Cleaning

3 Reasons to Use Green Cleaning Services for Your Canada Business

The sustainability initiatives of your Canadian business may be enhanced by green cleaning services. Consider these 3 benefits to green cleaning.

Franchise Business Information

How A Franchise Business May Benefit Your Canadian Service-Based Business

The franchise business model offers many benefits to help entrepreneurs expand their portfolio. Read how a franchise can be useful to grow your Canada service-based business.

Auto Dealership Cleaning

Why Appearance Matters to Auto Dealership Customers in Canada

Maintaining a pristine appearance in your Canadian auto dealership sends a message to customers that you are taking their investment seriously.

Healthcare Facility Cleaning

3 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Cleaning Vendor for your Canadian Medical Facility

These three questions are great to ask a potential cleaning vendor to help establish whether or not they can meet the needs of your Canadian medical facility work...

Warehouse & Industrial Cleaning

Warehouses and Manufacturing Unique Cleaning Challenges

As a facility manager are you faced with these issues to keep your large industrial space clean?

Franchise Business Information

Looking to Expand Your Janitorial Business?

If finding a new source for quality, sustainable accounts is a challenge, look to a Vanguard Cleaning Systems® Janitorial Franchise for help.


Deep Cleaning Businesses in Canada

The level of cleanliness in a work environment is being taken much more seriously now. Read how the 2020 Pandemic has affected deep cleaning businesses in Canada.


Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting - What's The Difference?

Canadian business owners want to help maintain the health of employees and customers in the time of COVID-19. Learn what cleaning and disinfecting options might be considered to...


Canada Healthier Workplace Cleaning

What are some processes to consider in order to help prevent Coronavirus in your Canadian workplace?