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Healthcare Facility Cleaning

3 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Cleaning Vendor for your Canadian Medical Facility

These three questions are great to ask a potential cleaning vendor to help establish whether or not they can meet the needs of your Canadian medical facility work...

Warehouse & Industrial Cleaning

Warehouses and Manufacturing Unique Cleaning Challenges

As a facility manager are you faced with these issues to keep your large industrial space clean?

Franchise Business Information

Looking to Expand Your Janitorial Business?

If finding a new source for quality, sustainable accounts is a challenge, look to a Vanguard Cleaning Systems® Janitorial Franchise for help.


Deep Cleaning Businesses in Canada

The level of cleanliness in a work environment is being taken much more seriously now. Read how the 2020 Pandemic has affected deep cleaning businesses in Canada.


Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting - What's The Difference?

Canadian business owners want to help maintain the health of employees and customers in the time of COVID-19. Learn what cleaning and disinfecting options might be considered to...


Canada Healthier Workplace Cleaning

What are some processes to consider in order to help prevent Coronavirus in your Canadian workplace?


Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Canada - Frequently Asked Questions

The following is some basic information to help Canadian Businesses during the Coronavirus- COVID-19 pandemic.

Healthcare Facility Cleaning

How to Pick the Right Canadian Healthcare Facility Cleaning Service

Tips to help Canadian Medical Administrators pick the right healthcare facility cleaning service.

Franchise Business Information

Franchise Business Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in Canada

Franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs are on the rise. This article addresses the questions to ask yourself in order to formulate the right franchise opportunity that is right for...

Tips For A Healthy Office

Flu Season - A Healthy Canadian Office

Flu season tips to keep your Canadian office environment germ free. Simple, easy to read infographic outlines office cleaning must-dos.