Why is hiring cleaners for medical and healthcare facilities so hard?

The Challenge of Hiring Cleaners for Medical Practices and Healthcare Facilities

The healthcare industry is facing hiring challenges in a number of key areas, including cleaning and disinfecting. The majority of healthcare leaders surveyed by Optum shared that finding skilled talent is a top challenge for the industry.

Hiring cleaning staff in this industry is especially challenging due to the specialized needs of a healthcare environment. There is a need for cleaning professionals who are qualified for:

  • Cleaning an exam, procedure, or patient care room for the next patient requires meticulous attention to detail and adherence to established procedures (terminal cleaning). The cleaning team may also need to coordinate with clinical staff and others to avoid scheduling conflicts.
  • Cleaning areas where bloodborne pathogens may be a concern. This requires training and personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Cross-contamination prevention. This may include using new microfiber cloths or mop heads in every room, along with other strategies to minimize the spread of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).
  • Specialized floor care. Flooring in exam and procedure rooms may require a very different cleaning strategy than flooring in common spaces, such as lobbies and restrooms.

Healthcare businesses may choose to hire and train entry-level cleaners, but this comes with its own challenges. According to Optum, 47% of healthcare leaders shared that training costs are a leading cause of disruptions. And, with the average opening taking 42 days to fill, additional time spent on training puts increased strain on cleaning teams.

There are also logistical challenges to consider. Healthcare clinics, dental offices, chiropractors, and other types of healthcare providers may keep different schedules. This may include weekend hours, a few later evenings during the week, and even holiday hours to meet the needs of patients. Healthcare offices need professional cleaners who can accommodate custom schedules and provide cleaning services throughout the day to maintain a professional appearance from open to close of business.

An excellent alternative to hiring in-house cleaning staff is contracting with a commercial cleaning company. A commercial cleaning company can provide a team of cleaning professionals who already understand the specialized requirements of a medical or healthcare environment, such as terminal cleaning and cross-contamination prevention. A commercial cleaning company can also provide services such as commercial floor cleaning and window washing.

A commercial cleaning company can also provide cleaning on a custom schedule, including day porter services. A day porter may wipe down high-touch surfaces, empty waste baskets, and restock paper products throughout the day, which can be tremendously valuable in a busy clinic or office.

If you are considering a commercial cleaning company to meet your medical practice or clinic’s cleaning needs, talk to your local Vanguard Cleaning Systems® area franchise office. A Vanguard® independent janitorial franchise business may be an excellent fit for your healthcare practice.

Learn more about commercial cleaning services for healthcare environments, or request a complimentary consultation.

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